How It Works

"Thank you very much to everyone at the dealership. Very easy process and a great selection of cars. It is truly Buy here pay here and the application process was very painless. I also feel great knowing they give you a 90, day 3,000 mile warranty. It proves they stand behind what they are selling. I'm excited to own my little Mazda 3 hatch and it wouldn't have been possible without the great folks at D1 Auto Credit."
- Brian L, March 2017 

No Credit Check Auto Loans                                       

If you’re looking for a no credit check auto dealership that finances people with bad credit, you will want to call or visit D1 AUTO CREDIT. At our buy here pay here dealership in the Denver metro area; we approve applicants without checking their credit. Recent and past financial hardships will not prevent you from qualifying for our in-house loan program. You are simply qualified for a used car loan based upon your current ability to pay.

To calculate your loan amount, we take into account your income from all sources and deduct your fixed and variable expenses, such as monthly rent, mortgage, utilities, child support, alimony, food, child care. Another consideration is the amount that you have for a down payment. We have certified used vehicles for as little as $500 down and payments beginning at $250 per month.

We also offer a deferred down payment program. To participate in this program you must be in the financial position to pay the remainder of the down payment within 30 DAYS from date of purchase. There is no car payment scheduled during this period. After the deferred down payment period, you will then begin your monthly installment plan for your no credit check used car loan. If your income is below the minimum income requirement, you may qualify with a cosigner. Both parties will be fully responsible for the repayment of your no credit check used car loan. Your cosigner must go through the same qualification process as you.

Please call us if you have any questions about our quick AND easy, no credit check auto financing. Our sales team not only sells cars, but they also will create your financial auto loan package. Often we are able to offer loans to people who simply cannot find financing elsewhere.

In addition to offering bad credit auto loans in Denver, D1 AUTO CREDIT has great customer service! Since we do a comprehensive 52-point inspection on every D1 Certified vehicle, we stand by our certified used vehicles. Included with the purchase of every certified used vehicle is our 90-Day/3,000 mile Limited Warranty and low cost service plan from our in-house service facility.

Our sales team will walk you through D1 AUTO CREDIT’S simple financing process. You can start your application now and get pre-qualified today. By the time D1 Customers drive off the car lot they feel safe and secure knowing that they can count on us at D1 for ALL OF THEIR auto-related questions, concerns or issues.

Truth About Buy Here Pay Here                                  

If your credit has been impaired, visiting a Buy Here Pay Here auto dealership may be your only option to finance a vehicle. BHPH car lots offer financing even with a DUI, foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossession or a first time car buyer.  A basic vehicle can be purchased with as little as $500 down. You may be uncertain of the truth about Buy Here Pay Here car financing. Read on to learn more about this opportunity for those who are in the midst of financial woes.

Despite the fact that you can get into a car on most BHPH lots with only $500 down, you won’t be driving off the lot in a premium vehicle with a small down payment. Buy Here Pay Here car loans are specifically chosen for each person. If you have bad credit or no credit or have little money down, meaning only $500, you will be limited on your choices. As well, the sales person will try to get you into a car that fits your needs, not necessarily your wants. For example, if you’re a family of five, it’s doubtful that a sales person will pressure you to buy a small coupe. The BHPH car dealer wants you to be successful with your loan; therefore, they want you to get into a car that will be an excellent fit for your needs.

When you visit a BHPH car lot, ask if their cars are reconditioned and if so, ask to see the checklist of items that are addressed and repaired during their reconditioning process. Also, ask to see the vehicle history report to confirm that the dealership isn’t hiding any major vehicle damage.

BHPH Lots Develop Relationships                              

You may think that a bank or credit union is a better financing option than a BHPH dealership. However, if you have seriously impaired credit, it is unlikely you’d be approved for a bad credit auto loan in Denver. If you are approved, and then have an issue once you’re in the repayment period, you’ll only be a number to a bank. At a BHPH dealership, customers develop a personal relationship with the sales team or store owners who will work with you to get your loan paid and keep your vehicle on the road. If you have mechanical difficulties with your vehicle, you may be able to add the repair cost to the balance of your loan. If you’re worried about building your credit, ask the BHPH dealer to report your payments to the credit bureaus. Some BHPH dealers will report your payments, which will improve your credit score when you make on-time payments for the life of your loan.