Get Smart in 2017 With a Used Car From Our Nashville Dealer  Mar 6th, 2017 

Used car dealer financing in Nashville

Many people dedicated their New Year’s Resolutions to being smarter with their finances in 2017. How are you doing? If you find yourself in need of a car, truck, van, or SUV, our Nashville used car dealer has some thoughts on how to shop smart, and it starts with buying a pre-owned vehicle.

For the Forward-Thinking

Used cars are a great choice for any shopper on a tighter budget, whether you’re commuting to work or carting the family around. They’re a sound investment because as automotive technology advances, cars are lasting longer. Additionally, after two years, depreciation on a vehicle evens out, so if you take good care of your used car, it’ll take good care of you down the line if you decide to sell it.

There are several reasons for to buy a used car, including the fact that it’s a smart start to financial recovery. If you’ve hit some credit issues in the past, shoppers at our used car dealership in Nashville can come to us for buy here, pay here financing, where we act as the bank and can help you build up your credit through timely payments on your auto loan.

Used car savings in Nashville

Cheaper Insurance is Here

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance, but some are unwilling to concede to this one simple workaround: a used car is cheaper to insure than a new one. Since the used car has less value than a new one, insurance rates are lower, and once a car is old enough, you could even consider getting rid of insurance that covers collision or theft.

If you’re working on being more financially savvy this year, visit Drive Now Auto and talk to us about our Drive Now Advantage programs. We make shopping used a smart choice and look forward to seeing you!

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Romantic Nashville Is the Perfect Pick for Valentine’s Day  Feb 14th, 2017 

Romantic Nashville

With its rich history, it’s no surprise that Nashville is an appealing option for weekend getaways and romantic dates. After all, its nickname is the Music City, so how can you go wrong? As Valentine’s Day draws near, take a look at some of these ideas from our used car dealer serving Nashville!

Fresh February Air

If you enjoy the great outdoors, Nashville has plenty of it, and is surrounded by it too! For a taste of exotic flora right in the city, visit the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art. 55 acres of carefully curated flowers are accented by a picturesque water garden. When you want to get out of the sunshine, come into the art museum! There’s a lot to look at and it’s the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day escapade.

For a more rigorous walk, south Nashville’s Percy Warner Park boasts lovely vistas, winding hiking paths, and scenic roadways. When combined with Edwin Warner Park, it accounts for 2,684 acres of forest and field. It’s like another world just a few miles from downtown Nashville!

Used car gift ideas in Nashville

Get a Taste of Local Flavor

For those who prefer to spend their Valentine's Day out and about in the city, there are plenty of options. Check out the historic Belcourt Theatre, which opened in 1925 and showcases indie movies and offers craft beer to patrons. Then, kick back and enjoy one of Nashville’s most sacred pastimes: music! Head to the historic Bluebird Cafe on Hillsboro Pike to listen to the latest independent music acts, enjoy a full bar menu, and have cocktails. There are few things more romantic than music and movies. Why not take in both?

As the leading destination for used cars in the Nashville area, we know that people are eager to drive all over this beautiful city. Contact Drive Now Auto today to pick out the vehicle you’ll be using for on your next romantic adventure!

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Get the Right Used Car for TN’s Concrete Jungles  Jan 30th, 2017 

It’s something that some drivers may dread when they begin to learn to drive, but it’s something that must be faced at some point: driving in a city. As the populations in area cities increase, you may find yourself navigating some crowded streets! Let our buy here pay here dealership in TN give you some tips on how to cruise around your favorite metropolis!

Get Ready for Your Urban Outing

Though city driving may seem differently-paced than you may be used to, the same basic rules apply. Slow down to accommodate congestion, watch for pedestrians, and know where you’re going. If you’re familiar with the area, it’s good to have alternate routes planned as a precaution, to assist in case of road closures that come with city events or roadwork. If you have a navigation system either in your vehicle, on a separate device, or on your phone, make sure the turn-by-turn navigation is activated and the sound is on.

With the spike in population projected for Murfreesboro and Nashville, it’s a good thing you have access to such a huge selection of used cars available with buy here pay here financing! When you’re anticipating driving in a city, feeling comfortable in your car, truck, van, or SUV is a huge factor in your confidence. Be sure to pick a car that you feel could contend with cabs, buses, delivery trucks, and whatever else the city roads may throw your way.

Buy Here Pay Here  car dealer in Murfreesboro

Keep With the Ebb and Flow

According to 2015 census estimates, Murfreesboro is the state’s fastest-growing city, with a 15.7% population growth rate in the past five years. Nashville is grew by 8.5% in the same time frame. To accommodate this influx of traffic, heighten your awareness and make sure you can skillfully assess your place on the roads. Take special notice of the size of your car—it’s likely you’ll need to fit into a tight spot later on!

Ready to see the wonders of Murfreesboro and Nashville? Visit Drive Now Auto! We know these cities well and won’t steer you wrong when it’s time to pick your next new-to-you vehicle.

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Let Us Answer Your Questions About Buy Here Pay Here Financing!  Dec 6th, 2016 
Buy Here Pay Here near Nashville

If you’re car shopping, you hear the phrase "buy here pay here" thrown around quite frequently, but what does it really mean? Our used car dealer near Nashville employs buy here pay here financing for our shoppers that are credit-challenged. Let us help answer your questions!

What is buy here pay here financing?

A buy here pay here arrangement at a dealership means that you pay the dealership directly. It’s convenient because you work a payment plan out with us, including your chosen method of payment and payment schedule. Unlike traditional dealerships, buy here pay here payments tend to be weekly or bi-weekly. You can pay conveniently right on our website!

How Does Buy Here Financing Differ from Traditional Dealerships?

When you take out an auto loan at a car dealership, they use a network of financial institutions to approve or decline your loan application. However, with buy here pay here financing, you pay the dealership directly. The dealership, not the bank, determines whether or not you get approved to purchase your next new-to-you vehicle.

What are the Pros of Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

Buy here pay here financing is a great option for shoppers who have marginal or poor credit scores, as approval for the loan is highly likely. It makes it easier for you to get into the new-to-you car that you love, with a lower down payment than at a traditional dealer. If you’re interested in selling your vehicle to us, we’re more likely to take a look at an older vehicle that’s seen a bit more wear and tear for use towards the down payment of your next vehicle.

Will Buy Here Pay Here Financing Build My Credit?

Yes! As long as the dealership you’ve chosen reports your payments to a credit bureau, this financing option can help build your credit back up. Just be sure to make your payments on time. Forgetting a payment or delaying it can negatively affect your credit score!Research is the first step in getting a new-to-you vehicle, and we can certainly help you with any questions. Contact Drive Now Auto today!
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